What is Online TeleHealth?

Due to recent events and social distancing guidelines, Associated Behavioral Health Care has expanded the ways we can provide important mental health, behavioral, substance abuse and medication management services. Online TeleHealth means that you can now work with our doctors and therapists via virtual sessions instead of in-person appointments.  Because of this, we can still offer our very important services to you, while keeping our patients and our providers adequately protected during the COVID-19 Crisis.  You can schedule counseling sessions, ADIS classes and other appointments via Zoom, right from the comfort of your own home.


Why Online TeleHealth Treatment?

Our recent launch of TeleHealth services was done with the safety of our staff and patients in mind. By doing this, Associated Behavioral Health Care is doing its part to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, while still continuing our important work in regards to addiction, behavioral services, and mental health treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma and other conditions.


Is Online TeleHealth Secure?

Yes! We have chosen to offer our TeleHealth services through Zoom, because this technology meets HIPPA compliance guidelines.


Is Online TeleHealth Effective?

After reviewing extensive data, the National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI), concluded: “telemental health care can provide effective and adaptable solutions to the care of mental illnesses universally.” ABHC keeps our programming consistent with our in-person outpatient services to ensure optimal success.


How Does Online TeleHealth Work?

You will receive a link from ABHC to download the free Zoom software for your first Online TeleHealth appointment.  For every session after that, you will receive a link specific to that session that will allow you to log into your virtual video or call  session.

Zoom makes Online TeleHealth appointments easy.  As long as you have a device with a camera, an internet connection, and a quiet place where you can properly communicate – you’re ready! Many people prefer to use headphones on their computer, phone or tablet to minimize distraction and stay focused in on your appointment. Zoom works on both PC and Apple devices.


What’s The Difference Between Virtual, Online & TeleHealth Therapy?

Although this is not a new type of treatment, TeleHealth has been more widely adopted in recent times and is becoming more commonly talked about.  People refer to the treatment differently, however “TeleHealth” has been the official name we have adopted for any virtual or online services, as that is what insurance companies use in their coding for reimbursements.


Is Online TeleHealth Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Most commercial insurances cover TeleHealth treatment at ABHC. When you call to schedule an appointment, our specialists will help you check your benefits.


Pioneering The Way Forward

At ABHC, it is so important to us that we can continue to provide our services in this very challenging time. TeleHealth allows us to feel connected, resolve feelings of anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression, and get the help we need from skilled professionals while feeling safe and comfortable in a remote environment. Contact our Seattle area care center at 425-256-4381 to find out more about scheduling an Online TeleHealth session – we look forward continuing to be here for you!