Tinnitus Treatment with the Help of TMS

Learn how this alternative therapy can help individuals with tinnitus.

A ringing, buzzing or hissing sound in the ears can be extremely bothersome. For many of us, the cumbersome sensation is only temporary. But for 15-20% of the population, the faint noise in a person’s ears is constant, becoming unbearable at times. Tinnitus, a symptom typically caused by an underlying condition such as an ear injury or age-related hearing loss, can be irritating and treatment is few and far between.1 But at ABHC, we are one of the few care providers in the United States to bring comfort with this innovative treatment.

Tinnitus relief with TMS.

Through our transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy, individuals receive treatment that may reduce the severity of tinnitus. TMS is a noninvasive medical procedure that delivers highly focused

MRI-strength magnetic pulses to stimulate the regions of the brain, helping alleviate tinnitus. Here are some reasons to consider TMS treatment:

  • Statistics have shown a significant improvement in individuals with tinnitus after undergoing TMS.2
  • TMS is an outpatient service—no surgery or medication is involved.
  • TMS is done without any sedation or anesthesia, so individuals can easily go about their daily routine after treatment.
  • There are few or no side effects (most common side effects are mild headache and scalp discomfort).
  • Individuals do not need to stop or change their medication(s) to receive TMS treatment.

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Discover if TMS for tinnitus is right for you.

If you or a loved one has tried other treatment options for tinnitus and still have issues, reach out to ABHC about TMS. An advanced hearing test will be done to determine the severity of the tinnitus. From there, we will assess the right treatment plan, as advised by renowned audiologist Dr. Thomas Littman from the University of Washington.

Make a consultation appointment with our team by calling 1-425-256-4381. ABHC provides TMS treatment at three convenient locations in the Seattle area, including Bellevue, Kent and North Seattle.



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