Online Telehealth Services

Virtual Mental Health Appointments

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of us, especially here in the Puget Sound region, both in how we feel and what we can do.  Associated Behavioral Health Care is here to help support our patients during this time and moving forward.  We know that so many of us are facing stress, anxiety and depression right now, and current protocols are making it more difficult to seek the care we may need.

With over 20 years experience as one of the region’s top counseling and mental health providers in the Seattle area, ABHC has pioneered the way in innovative treatments and services.  Following in this tradition, we are proud to now offer virtual and online appointments with our caring and skilled team of psychiatrists and mental health specialists.  We’re set up to begin immediate confidential Online Telehealth conferencing sessions, and our services are generally covered by insurance.

You are not alone in navigating these challenging days. Convenience and access to service you need is an important priority.  Because of the virtual nature or our online telehealth services, we can serve patients not only in the Seattle area, but throughout Western Washington and beyond.

We’re here for you – please call today to schedule an appointment or find out more information from one of our experienced mental health doctors or therapists.


Group and individual services we are currently offering via Online Telehealth include:

  • Mental health counseling and services for depression, anxiety, stress, and other conditions
  • ADIS Classes (Alcohol & Drug Information School)
  • Drug assessments, evaluations and sessions
  • Alcohol assessments, evaluations and sessions

Learn more about: How Online Telehealth services work and How to Schedule an Online Telehealth appointment.

Call the office at (800) 858-6702 to schedule with a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner.