Testing for ADHD & ADD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have become two of the most talked about neurodevelopmental disorders discussed today. ADHD is one of the most medicated conditions. Because so many of the medications used to treat ADHD are also drugs of abuse, Associated Behavioral Health begins with ADHD Testing to ensure our approach is as constructive as possible. The professionals at ABHC are experienced with diagnosing ADHD at all age levels, and creating treatment plans that are effective for each unique individual. Contact one of our 4 Seattle area locations for more information about our ADHD services, and read more about this disorder below:

Why ADHD and ADD Testing Are Beneficial

It’s possible to make it all the way into adulthood without being diagnosed. In fact, it’s quite common for a parent’s ADHD or ADD to be diagnosed first after a teacher recommends testing for a child. So if you’ve found maintaining focus on the tasks essential for achieving your career goals influences daily life, ADHD or ADD could be a hidden contributor.

Finding an appropriate diagnosis depends on multiple factors. Our testing focuses on evaluating the symptoms often seen in ADHD and ADD. Short attention span and excessive activity don’t always mean you have one of these disorders. Emotions such as anxiety and depression, uncertainty about relationships at home and classroom/workplace dynamics could increase impulsiveness or make focusing difficult for anyone.

Why We Seek Information First

Without external objective evidence, we will not consider initiating a medication-based solution. While medication could be helpful for managing symptoms, it isn’t something we recommend without first seeking clear evidence of ADHD. This is because you will overcome your challenges most successfully when non-prescriptive strategies are also part of your treatment plan (if testing confirms your ADHD or ADD).

  • We will ask you to provide records of any previous diagnosis of ADHD, whether you were assessed as a child or as an adult.
  • We will need medical and school records.
  • We may ask pertinent family members to complete questionnaires.
  • We may explore your parents’ histories.
  • We may recommend psychological testing.

The Typical ADHD Testing Process

Do you already have external medical proof of ADHD? Psychological testing may not be required. In this case, we schedule you to meet directly with one of our physicians, ARNPs or PAs on our Medical Staff. You can expedite your evaluation by requesting the transmission of your pertinent records to our fax at (425) 671-6198.

Please schedule your ADHD or ADD evaluation by calling us at (800) 858-6702.

If you want to confirm whether ADHD or ADD is interfering with you or your child’s life, the typical testing process follows these steps.

  1. When you first contact us, we set up an appointment for you to meet one of our psychologists. During this intake appointment, the psychologist gathers information. Questions are geared to gather information relating to the ADHD diagnosis (e.g. school/work history) and family information (e.g. family members diagnosed with ADHD).
  2. At the end of this session, the psychologist will discuss his or her recommendations for the testing appointment with you.
  3. When session results indicate you would benefit from testing, you will be asked to schedule one or two 3-hour face-to-face testing appointments (e.g. to assess neurocognitive functioning including measures of attention and/or academic achievement). You will also be asked to complete measures of personality functioning.
  4. After you complete the testing, your psychologist schedules a feedback appointment. This gives the psychologist time to score and interpret your results, as well prepare a report he or she reviews with you. During this appointment you’ll explore the importance of test scores, an explanation of your diagnosis, and appropriate treatment recommendations.

Please schedule an ADHD or ADD testing appointment by calling us at (800) 858-6702.

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