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Counseling, Assessments & Classes for Anger Management

Do you find anger is interfering with your life? Is the anger you feel out of proportion to the circumstances that triggered it? Do you find yourself expressing your anger through behaviors or verbal outbursts that are harmful to yourself or others? Or have you bottled your anger for so long you’re spring-loaded with tension?

Finding the right anger management program can be challenging, mainly because your needs aren’t the same as someone else’s. You’ll find that Associated Behavioral Health Care (ABHC) recognizes these different needs as we guide you into the treatment plan our experience has demonstrated worked for others like you.

You’ll also discover the Anger Management division at ABHC provides high-quality training. Our emphasis on communication and education empowers you to get a grip on anger so it’s no longer controlling your life. Instead, you manage your anger in healthy ways.

Our Anger management services include:

Anger Management Assessment

AM Level One class (8-hour course)

AM Level Two treatment

Anger Management/Life Skills Coaching

Anger Management Assessment

We conduct our anger management assessments in two sessions. In the first session, which will take approximately one hour, you will:

  • Fill out a personal history form.
  • Take two assessment tests.
  • Sign the appropriate consent forms, including collateral(s).
  • Turn in copies of your complete legal history.
  • Pay for the assessment.

In the second session, which will also take approximately one hour, you will:

  • Participate in an individual interview.
  • Review with the assessor the appropriate treatment services based upon your needs and your schedule, if the assessment indicates an anger management program will benefit you.

Anger Management Level One: 8-hour Class

This class provides the basic foundation and education on managing anger and learning new behaviors and healthy responses in situations that trigger anger. This includes an introduction to anger management skills such as “Time Outs” and “I Statements” and learning about what is and is not in your control.

Anger Management Level Two: Weekly Groups & Individual Sessions

Both groups and individual sessions continue with education in the anger management process. In these more advanced classes, we look at communication and individual communication styles. We delve deeper into anger management skills such as:

  • Time Out processes
  • Forgiveness and the Forgiveness Process
  • Cognitive Restructuring

You’ll learn many other techniques and anger management tools as well.

Level two can be scheduled after the completion of the 8-hour Level One class.

The provider determines whether groups or individual sessions offer you the best appropriate ongoing care.

Anger Management/Life Skills Coaching

Our Anger Management/Life Skills Coaching program is designed as a continuous enrollment class for our clients who have been ordered into a Level Two or Level Two Plus anger management program. If the court decides a “one size fits all” domestic violence program is not appropriate for you, it accepts this class as a referral resource.

Are you one of those people who has already recognized your need for anger management skills prior to running into legal issues? This program may also be an excellent fit for you. We encourage you to contact us.

Why AHBC for Anger Management/Life Skills Coaching?

Our purpose is to ensure your need to live a rewarding, anger-managed life is fully facilitated by our program. That’s why it’s imperative you feel confident in the program and our staff, as well as the clinical approach we pursue together. Knowing you’re working with facilitators who know how to guide you into experiencing positive results as you implement your anger management plan ups success.

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