If you have already completed substance rehab or you’re searching for an alternative, you might be a good candidate for an online intensive outpatient program (IOP). However, if you have never completed addiction treatment online, you likely have many questions. What are online IOP programs? How do they work? What are the benefits?

While online addiction treatment is relatively new, such treatments are becoming more effective as more patients and professionals utilize their opportunities. Learn here about some of your concerns about online IOP and why this form of treatment can benefit you.

What is online IOP?

Online treatment is one of the many substance use treatment methods available to people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Unlike face-to-face treatment, online IOP provides intensive outpatient programming for individuals in recovery via a computer, tablet or phone.. While programs vary, they commonly offer interactive videos and downloadable workbooks that you can complete at your pace.

Online IOP also offers the accountability of an in-person IOP if you cannot be onsite to a traditional IOP. It also focuses on extensive learning through an evidence-based curriculum along with individual therapy and personalized recovery coaching. Online IOP’s intention is not to replace face-to-face treatment; however, it is perfectly suited to enhance in-person treatment programs like sober living. It will also help provide additional support when needed.

Among the more beneficial reasons to consider online IOP is its convenience and accessibility.

Most individuals who use online IOP find it to be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. Many online addiction recovery programs offer adjustable scheduling and the ability to attend whenever you are available and from wherever you are, provided you have internet service.

Being able to attend remotely allows you the opportunity to be in the comfort of your home. It also helps you manage your sobriety while going about your everyday life. Online IOP does not require any travel and it can perfectly align with your work or school schedule.

You do not have to be concerned about your privacy while attending an online IOP program. 

You might worry that attending online IOP sessions will mean more susceptibility to encounter privacy issues. Some of these concerns can come from thinking that the same rules apply to online sessions as they do in person. However, a reputable online outpatient treatment program will adhere to all HIPAA regulations to ensure that your personal information remains confidential.

Additionally, because it is private and personal, your experience in online IOP will remain personalized for you. At Associated Behavioral Healthcare, we strive to build a treatment that will meet your individual needs, and our online IOP services are no different. You will have the same access to care options online as you would in person. Therefore, your treatment will take the same amount of time and care to review your treatment history and needs, as well as establish a comprehensive plan for your care.

IOP programs are high-quality, evidence-based treatments from established and experienced addiction treatment professionals.

A quality and reputable online addiction recovery program such as the services offered at Associated Behavioral Healthcare ensures that you will be receiving the best care from highly trained professionals. While anyone who has gotten sober can provide practical tips and advice based on their experience, qualified professionals will use research-based and evidence-based treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to provide well-rounded and comprehensive treatment.

It also provides a strong social support system. Attending programs online will encourage consistent engagement and communication with treatment professionals and peers. It will help you establish a solid recovery support community outside of a rehab center.

Deciding which treatment works best for you will depend on the severity of your addiction and whether you can use additional help in addition to in-person treatment. 

You might discover that online IOP can help you stay focused on your recovery because you will have the comfort in knowing that you have support online or in person available to you. Some other examples of where using online IOP might be helpful for you include:

  • Having already completed a drug detox or residential rehab programming
  • Are unable to travel to participate in face-to-face IOP meetings
  • Live in a remote area that is far from any addiction treatment centers
  • Travel frequently
  • Prefer to participate in remote IOP instead of in-person

The best way to determine if online addiction treatment is right for you is by talking to a professional. A professional can help you determine an adequate and personalized treatment plan that will address all of your needs. It may or may not include remote IOP.

Online IOP can be a great source of treatment.. At Associated Behavioral Healthcare, we strive to provide the best care possible that will meet your individual needs. If you are currently struggling with substance use, then the time to get help is today. Find out more by calling Associated Behavioral Healthcare today at (844) 335-7384.