Alcohol Evaluations

Assessments for Alcohol Use & Addiction in the Seattle Area

We have been raised in American society to be individualists. Even within this greater Seattle environment where so many of our sub-cultures treasure collective thinking, expectations within these community groups may add layers of complexity to how alcohol plays a role in your life. Within your subculture, you may be struggling with how submitting to an alcohol evaluation is going to impact your standing within the community.

You may fear the counselor will care more about sending you to a treatment plan that benefits the business, than giving you an honest alcohol evaluation.

We recognize you have valid concerns. Even though we are legally mandated to keep your information private and to only share the evaluation results with the courts (if they have ordered the evaluation), that doesn’t remove the discomfort of very personal questions. It also doesn’t eradicate the uncertainty you may feel about how your answers could influence the counselor’s assessment.

Alcohol evaluations are stressful, especially when they’ve been mandated by the court. We can’t change that. But, we are committed to making the process as relaxed as possible.

What You Need to Bring

Gather relevant documents such as:

  • Your arrest report
  • Your driving record
  • A record of your drinking patterns

Call (425) 256-4381 today to discuss what other information may help us with your alcohol evaluation.

What You Can Expect

You may be asked for a urine sample.

We’ll ask you to sign a consent for evaluation form. Please feel free to ask any questions which arise from reading the form.

The counselor assigned to you will then conduct a detailed clinical interview. This includes questions focused upon your use of alcohol, from such resources as the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST) or the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT).

Questions may also explore use of alcohol by members of your family. You’ll also be asked to take a standardized psychological test.

Finally, you’ll be asked to sign release forms so your counselor can follow up with appropriate third-party sources. This allows your counselor to gather information that helps ensure your evaluation is accurate and unbiased.

Evaluation Results

There are three classifications into which alcohol evaluation results fall: 1) chemically dependent; 2) at risk or abusing; 3) non-conclusive. The treatment recommended is based upon our findings.

We recognize this gives us considerable power over your future. It’s a weighty responsibility. Thus we want to be sure we get it right. Help us by being completely honest.

Call (425) 256-4381today to schedule your unbiased alcohol evaluation.