In-Jail / In Custody Alcohol and Drug Assessment

The purpose of an in-jail alcohol and drug assessment is to provide State Certified agencies an assessment of someone who is currently in custody, and thus is unable to obtain an assessment at a State Certified facility. For example, an assessment can lead to deferred prosecution or an in-house treatment program.

In-jail evaluations are a common need for two reasons. Government sources suggest 7 out of 10 local jail inmates have used drugs regularly. Of those, 33% were under a narcotic’s influence at the time of arrest. Also, not everyone can post bail.

Statistics prove that jail time without support rarely helps anyone who does have a drug or alcohol problem. ABHC is proud to offer in-jail alcohol and drug evaluations in King County jails. When we are contacted to conduct the drug and alcohol assessment by those seeking to defer prosecution, we give the same professional evaluation a client would receive in our offices.

Application Process

As part of a request for an in-jail assessment, we require the following information and materials:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Jail location and BA registration number
  • Referring charge case number
  • Police report and Defendant Case History (DCH)
  • $350 payment or court order granting funds

Evaluation Process

Once we have this information, we can schedule the appointment with one of our chemical dependency professionals. During the appointment, expect to participate in a 1-hour clinical interview. This will be completely confidential, similar to meeting with an attorney within the jail.

We complete the evaluation within a 3-5 day turnaround once we have all the materials we have asked for.

Schedule An In-Jail Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

To schedule an appointment in jail, please contact our Evaluation Department at (425) 698-1505 and send materials to Please call the same number to ask any questions about in-jail alcohol and drug assessments we haven’t answered. We are happy to assist you.

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