TMS Staff

Hannah Pelletier
Onsite TMS Client and Technician Liaison
Started at ABHC in 2019

Hannah has been working at Associated Behavioral Health since 2019. She is passionate about client care and greets everyone with a smile. When she isn’t treating clients directly, she is supporting her team and facilitating interdepartmental coordination. She prefers to lead by example and strives to bring a little sunshine to each person she meets.

Carley Kaufmann
Onsite TMS Client and Technician Liaison
Started at ABHC in 2020
Carley has been working with ABHC and the TMS department since 2020. She works with patients directly throughout all aspects of the TMS experience and is currently working out of the North Seattle office. Her background is in mental health services and emergency medicine. Carley is passionate about patient care and encourages open conversations regarding goals and expectations during treatment. When Carley is not working, she enjoys hiking, reading and attending concerts.

Amber Westmoreland
Onsite TMS Client and Technician Liaison
Started at ABHC in 2021
Amber has been working at Associated Behavioral Health Care since April 2021. She is very passionate about helping others and developing in the mental health field. Amber works directly with patients and providers striving to make the environment for treatment an inviting and pleasant experience. Amber graduated from Washington State University in fall of 2020 with her bachelor’s in psychology, minoring in human development and criminology. She chose this field because of her interest in mental health as well as being an advocate of having these services available to those who need it. She is passionate about the importance of mental health, and hopes to continue her education and development in the field by pursuing her master’s degree and eventually doctorate in psychology. When Amber is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.

Megan Chelminiak, SUDPT
Location: Bellevue

Megan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and sociology and is currently working towards a behavioral studies proficiency certificate at LW Tech. Her clinical services have been dedicated towards working at inpatient clinics with foster care youth, many of whom have substance use-related disorders. She is dedicated to approaching those afflicted by substance abuse with love, care and an understanding nature. Megan actively works with homeless shelters in the community to help create a positive community environment.

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