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Associated Behavioral Health Care is a highly trained, dedicated and compassionate team of psychologists, physicians, certified counselors, and administrators.

We offer the best education and treatment available. The diverse educational backgrounds of our staff include MDs, PhDs, and Masters level degrees.

We provide flexible and convenient appointment options to fit your busy schedule.

A word from our Chief Medical Officer

“The opioid epidemic is taking lives and ruining families. If you or a loved one need help from drug or alcohol abuse, please contact us at ABHC for a same day appointment. We are now offering Medically Assisted Treatment in all 4 of our locations.”

Dr. Kalyan Dandala
Chief Medical Officer & Medical Director


Medication should be used as part of a complete treatment plan that includes counseling and psychosocial support. Substance dependence involves both behavioral and biological components, so combining medication-assisted treatment with counseling and psychosocial support may increase the likelihood of treatment success.


We offer bupennorphine treatment in all 4 locations.

Also ask about a monthly injection to help opioid and/or alcohol cravings!

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Associated Behavioral Health is the leader in behavioral healthcare solutions for individuals, families and their communities.

We are recognized for our ability to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with businesses, providers, government agencies, health plans and insurance agencies to guide our clients along their journey to a healthier more productive lifestyle.

Our reputation for excellence has been built upon the foundation of transforming traditionally fragmented services into a seamless collaboration of resources, information, partnerships, and creative solutions.

– Alex Bard